AMD will be providing PR, multi-media and sponsorship services to the premier classic car race series, the Asia Classic Car Challenge for 2015.

The ACCC has been a popular race series for nearly 15 years in Asia but in recent years promotion has been declining with interest amongst fans plateauing.

“The ACCC is an exciting series with many classic cars from famous brands such as Porsche, Ferrari, BMW and Jaguar fighting closely with each other at Sepang,” said Ben Potter, partner of AMD. “Being a classic car series full of gentlemen drivers and “tinkerers”, the series should be very active with classic car clubs around Asia, and that’s what we are going to work on- building the Asian classic car community with the ACCC as the central hub.”

“Reviving” the ACCC is they key point for 2015, with a new website and active social media strategy handled by AMD.