AMD is pleased to announce that they have secured Prince lubricants as the official lubricant partner for the Caterham Motorsport Championship.

Prince Lubricants has become a strong brand in Asian motorsport in the past two years, getting heavily active in supporting both grassroots and professional motorsport. They have also been successful in partnering with a number of high profile race drivers and athletes such as Malaysian Leon Chin and Zen Low, GP3 driver Mitch Gilbert and Peter Davis- One Fighting Championship Lightweight Champion.

“Bringing Prince on board with the new Caterham Motorsport Championship was very important to us,” said AMD founder Ben Potter. “This brand helps build value and recognition for a series in its inaugural season, and as Prince is also a young brand, they have a lot of energy and ideas to help expand the championship.”

The partnership also opens a lot of potential opportunities for Prince in their endeavours to open in the United Kingdom. “We foresee this partnership going beyond just a championship one, and there are some exciting potential long-term opportunities for Prince and Caterham to work together in Caterham’s road car division,” added Ben.